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Although roulette is a game of chance, it will not be necessary to give an online casino an unnecessary advantage. With a number of handy roulette tips from us, you can ensure that you make fewer mistakes that would normally have resulted in losses. While roulette is based on pure luck, it is possible to lower the house edge of the casino by following some simple basic rules & strategies.

Don’t play American roulette

American roulette offers the greatest house advantage. An added double 0 has increased the casino edge to 5.26%. While the house edge with versions such as European or French roulette is only around 2.7%. We recommend that you play the European or French version with a single 0 at all times. This will give you the highest odds of winning and generate more profit in the long run. When you register online casino singapore online gambling then you can have the best deals right there.

Learn the game rules and betting options

Get to know the roulette game inside and out. The rules of the game are very important to know when you are going to play Lightning Roulette for real money. Knowing which betting options are available per variant can also influence the game. It often happens that players lose money and don’t even know why. You can avoid this to learn the basic rules. Know what you are betting, how much you are betting and why you are using it in certain areas.

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Determine a limit in advance

Once you know the roulette rules, one of the best roulette tips is to set a limit in advance. You can set this for both profit and loss. You can look into your wallet yourself and therefore know how much money you can lose in total. Playing with money that you cannot afford to lose is one of the biggest mistakes players can make. Do you make a nice profit? Be satisfied for once! Stop playing and leave the online casino with a profit in your pocket.

Setting a limit is best done on the basis of your balance. For example, if you are going to play with 50 euros, a profit of 300% is a good suggestion (150 euros). Are you doing well and do you think luck is on your side? Then you can always set a higher win limit. At some point you will have to be satisfied with the profit before you lose everything again.

Using a basic strategy

One of the best roulette tips we can give you is to use a basic strategy. Obviously, it will not provide a 100% guaranteed chance of winning, but it can increase the chances of winning while playing roulette. A basic strategy is often played with bets on red / black, odd / even or low / high. There will be plenty of roulette strategies out there on the internet.

Free practice

Online gambling has its advantages. For example, every online casino has made a free roulette table available. You can first practice without an account and therefore also test a basic strategy, for example. When testing a strategy, we recommend that you try it out for a long time before you gamble with real money. Free roulette can also help you master the game rules or get to know all the betting options.

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